Who are ZeeScape?


ZeeScape is JEDAR’s mother company, who are world leaders in wall printing and interior décor. ZeeScape is an Australian company that created the mural design technology JEDAR use to unleash your imagination with. This is the world’s first wall and most innovative wall printer that can be used for printing practically anything on any flat surface in such a high quality that your eyes will not believe it. It is their VSP-1000 wall printer that is taking design to a whole new level.

ZeeScape’s printers are capable of producing extremely detailed wall murals that are even better than high definition as you know it, which are UV resistant, washable and non-toxic. There is no limit to size and colour, other you’re your imagination.

Wall stickers and wallpaper are a thing of the past now, with ZeeScape new, better and easier alternative. Sticking up wallpaper can be messy and costly, just like painting is. Let’s not forget about changing designs later, which sometimes can seem impossible. Thanks to ZeeScape’s awesome technology, with just 2 coats of paint, you can have a brand new start.

With a mere minutes required to set up and print, the designs will completely set in approximately 30 minutes, and withstand the elements for over 15 years indoors and 2 years outside, guaranteed!

JEDAR is a Bahrain-based company that is the exclusive distributor of ZeeScape wall printers in the Middle East region, specifically Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Egypt.

JEDAR and ZeeScape deliver excellence in terms of efficiency, usability, quality, satisfaction, support and a friendly stellar team of technicians.