The Benefits of Murals for Children


Do you agree that decorating children’s bedrooms and classrooms with murals is a must? Did you know that a healthy appreciation of art is integral to a child’s healthy mental development?

Art can be very rich in meaning. So much so, that it could mean something to one individual, and something completely unrelated to another. As such, children with their unlimited and wild imaginations can receive a bevvy of different significance and meaning from a single work of art. This grows into a topic of discussion, whereby a child can develop their imagination further and discuss their views with their friends, peers and parents. Not only is this an excellent way to foster a strong ability to express oneself, but it also teaches respect for other people’s opinions.

In North America and certain parts of Europe, murals are seen on the walls of every single early learning classroom. Huge, colourful wall paintings stimulate young minds and become a fun focus point around which opinions and laughs gather. Does the same hold true of the Middle East, and specifically Bahrain? Think back to your childhood days, and try to remember your favourite classroom. What did it look like? What colour were the walls?

Art is a form of expression, and that in itself encourages young ones to learn how to translate their thoughts and emotions into communicated language – an essential skill for adulthood. Every adult knows that a key ingredient for professional and personal success is clear communication. Why not start at a young age?

Picasso once said that “everything you can imagine is real” which rings especially true with children’s vivid and free imagination. Children that grow up believing in themselves and their ideas can one day change the world in unprecedented ways. After all, the ideas that are truly revolutionary in each field seem so simple now that everyone takes them for granted… but once upon a time, these technologies, ideas, practices and facts that we take for granted seemed like science fiction that only the boldest minds could imagine into reality.

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