The New Gulf CX Office Design


Gulf CX is a company that delivers customer experience solutions. They aim to give your customers a “wow” experience in every interaction with your brand and through each channel of communication. In order to give a “wow” factor to their own staff, clients and partners, Gulf CX aspired to have a bright and colorful office to help the creative juices flow. Gulf CX are truly forward thinking and innovative and the JEDAR mural design technology team loved the opportunity to add a little finesse and “wow” to their office space.

Before Jedar’s wall printing solution, the Gulf CX office were pretty… mundane, bland, plain… just as you’d expect any office to be. Mostly grey and white with a bit of orange highlights dotted around… nothing to write home about. Sure, most offices may look like that and perhaps Google are light-years ahead in this respect, but that’s no excuse. Being busy doing work… too busy to create a truly unique and awe-inspiring environment for your company’s talent is a actually a huge opportunity cost forgone!

In order to raise productivity and make the workplace more fun and inspiring, Gulf CX teamed up with JEDAR and we used our exclusive wall printers and mural design technology to jazz things up! Do you realize that most of us spend more time at our offices than we do in our homes? So why shouldn’t our offices be spectacular? Thanks to JEDAR’s wall mural printers, that dream can easily become a reality.

It is proven that a dull office leads to low morale in the workplace. Inversely, a beautiful office with big windows and attractive views boosts morale and productivity. The brief was clear… “We want our office to be amazing”, they said. We are proud to have delivered!

Gulf CX are busy delivering excellence to their clients and so the JEDAR team was given a challenge to revamp their office space without disturbing the flow of work… and JEDAR’s wall printing mural design technology worked like a charm! Simple… elegant… catchy and inspirational… motivational quotes dotted around the office… historical facts and figures relating to their sector… quotes by great leaders, to inspire Gulf GX’s team to go above and beyond at each juncture… perfect!

The office was transformed into a stunning new haven of creativity and inspiration in just 3 hours. The employees wore huge smiles and we delivered as promised.

Be your own brand with JEDAR’s mural design technology!