Mona Lisa’s Secret: The Making Of


Everyone gets a Mona Lisa painting! Now it is possible thanks to Salah A. Majed aka Bovlix. Just kidding! As much as we love Bovlix, and loved working with him, we know his little secret… our state of the art mural design technology, JEDAR.

Anyone can have a mural of anything… and when we say anything, we literally mean anything! Even if it is Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Russia’s famous Red Square or the Colosseum itself! Y’know… just to give you that “I’m in Europe” feeling that we all crave every so often.

The making of the “Jedar Mona Lisa” video with Bovlix and Ahmed Al Sada was such a blast! Meeting them and collaborating with them was truly something else. We knew they are hilariously funny in their videos, but in real life they were top notch! The idea was a collaboration effort between the JEDAR team, Bovlix and Ahmed Al Sada. What we wanted to demonstrate is that Jedar can easily draw any mural within minutes! (High fives all around for that idea!)

Lets face it, Da Vinci would go nuts if he knew that his FOUR YEARS of masterfully crafting the most ornate and stunning portrait in the history of history can be replicated in minutes! Let’s not forget though that the Mona Lisa was stolen at some point, wasn’t it? No worries though, she’ll be on your wall if you so choose, thanks to JEDAR’s mural printer technology.

The video is a comedic take on JEDAR’s mural design technology and wall printing machine. As a Bahraini company, we are proud to have worked with Bahraini talent, delivering excellent and unsurpassed levels of creativity and service to the Middle East region. JEDAR is a Bahrain based exclusive, authorized distributor of Australia’s Zeescape mural printing technology. The video makes it abundantly clear that the process couldn’t be easier! Just choose an image… contact JEDAR and watch the magic happen.

Did we mention that printing could be done perfectly on wood, plaster, tiles, glass and even canvas? Basically… any flat surface will work! There are no limitations of size or colour!

“What about durability?” you ask… your mural will remain perfectly sharp for 15 years if indoors, and over 2 years if outdoors… guaranteed! How amazing is that? Keeping the mural dust free is easy as well! Just wipe clean with a  damp cloth or hose down with water (if outdoors). If you ever want to remove or redo the mural… simply paint over it with 2 coats of paint. No harsh chemicals needed!

For a little extra assurance, JEDAR is pleased to offer you a 10 year warranty on wall printed murals.

All in all, we are extremely proud and honoured to have received almost 250,000 views on Instagram – totally amazing! Even though wall printing and mural design technology are new concepts to our beloved island of Bahrain, we are so pleased to see all the talent and imagination in bringing the impossible to life in decorating walls all around the Middle East region.

Unleash your imagination with JEDAR!