JEDAR Puts the Flare in Healthcare


Alternative medicine consists of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Some die-hard believers in alternative medicine enjoy the fact that healing can happen naturally and without the use of traditional medication or pills.

When a dear client of ours tasked the JEDAR team with transforming their alternative medicine clinic’s walls into something unique, we were really excited!

Sure, most hospitals and clinics around our beloved Bahrain put up banners all over the place with promotional messages or general information on better health, but is this ever done in an attractive enough way as to actually benefit someone? Is anyone looking? Reading? Casting a single passing glance?

Not only did the JEDAR with its unique wall printing technology and mural design techniques rise to the challenge of creating something truly eye-catching, we aimed to hit two birds with one stone. The other being to have the information presented planted firmly in the viewers’ minds whereby they benefit from the information presented and remember it for a long while afterwards.

The question then becomes… how? Hospitals are sort of expected to educate their patients about better health, aren’t they? Attractive murals printed around the clinic are eye-catching, informative and the chances of passers by snapping a few photos on their phones is extremely high! That way, the information instantly becomes shareable and benefits a wider cross-section of the population who are in dire need of this valuable advice. Of course, it does also help that the clinic becomes hugely popular… gets new patients… and the staff have something beautiful to enjoy looking at each day.

Nope… no more flimsy roll-up banners with dull designs that get damaged, knocked over or vandalized… JEDAR’s 10 year guarantee saves the day yet again!

The JEDAR mural design team came up with a concept to illustrate health by examining the complete human anatomy, with labels pointing out each area of the human physique. Promotional messages and health advice in attractive quotes were dotted around the clinic. The entire project took 3 hours to complete and we are extremely proud to say that we gained another happy client.

Print any picture or design directly on your wall with JEDAR mural design technology and wall printers and add beauty to your life!