Bigger and Stronger Than Ever with Bahrain’s Champion, Sami Al Haddad


JEDAR is a mural design and wall printing technology company based in Bahrain with a revolutionary wall printer system that can transform your walls into timeless art masterpieces. Who knows more about transformation that Bahrain’s blacksmith… the Kingdom’s greatest champion… a truly outstanding and remarkable leader in sports and fitness, crowned Mr. Olympia Amateur 2011 and World Champion Overall 2011, none other than Mr. Sami Al Haddad.

The collaboration between JEDAR and Blacksmith was a match made in heaven! We are extremely proud of this awesome mural printed on the walls of Sami’s garage… directly onto the clean walls, without any messy stuck-on decals or paints.

Sami, a world-class champion in body-building, IFBB champion and internationally renowned trainer, wanted to share inspiration with anyone who has a dream to excel in any part of their lives. It is his truly awe-inspiring nature that was embodied in a mural printed on his walls. For anyone who desires excellence in fitness, sports, bodybuilding or any part of their lives… the message is really simple… it may be a long and rocky road, but dream big and never give up.

Sami told the JEDAR team about his life experience and all the hardships he faced in order to achieve his dreams, and that drove us to come up with an amazing design. The big man, breaking through a wall and shattering it to pieces, just like he broke through mental, physical and many other barriers in his life. This was a perfect visual representation of a champion’s winning attitude… nothing can hold me back!

The printing process took around 1 hour to complete and all the while Sami’s smile was growing bigger and bigger as the wall printer worked its magic and the task neared completion.

Once everything was done, Sami Al Haddad couldn’t stop smiling – exactly the reaction we aim for with our esteemed clients and customers. As you’ve heard… this was a little taste of things to come… he hints at a might bigger space, bigger collaboration and more amazing designs to go up on his walls. Do you have any idea what he is referring to? Come on… take a guess!

Well, if you’d like to know… follow us on social media for sneak peaks at work in process, behind the scenes looks at the magic happening, and exciting news, events and promotions by JEDAR.

A HUGE thank you to Sami, and we look forward to deliver the best to all our customers who want to unleash their imagination… with JEDAR!