12 Ideas for Wall Mural Designs


1. Height measuring scale with pictures of happy little children running around that can be used to measure your child’s growth each month or year.

2. World map murals are awesome if you are a jetsetter at heart. Not only will it give you inspiration to plan your next journey, but you can even cross off or mark the destinations that you have already been to. Won’t that be an awesome conversation starter with your guests?

3. Family tree with photos of each member can be a really cool way to retain your heritage and honour your family’s name.

4. Nightlife landscapes of buzzing cities and gleaming lights will add life to any living area.

5. Fatima Hamsa hand designs will add a yoga-esque vibe to any room. Extremely popular nowadays, isn’t it?

6. Patterned wallpaper adds class to the inside of your living space. Removal is extremely easy too, with just 2 coats of paint!

7. Historical timelines and corporate milestones are an amazing way of instilling or changing company culture and communicating successes to staff and customers.

8. Motivational quotes and sayings can inspire staff to become great leaders and instill positive attitudes in the workplace.

9. Blank frames, which can be used in children’s rooms as a canvas of sorts. Encourage your children to create their own art using washable markers or crayons. Then simply wipe off, and voila, you have a new canvas with a beautiful frame for them to express their creativity on.

10. 50 or 100 year old scenes of cities and old business headquarters. Companies love showing “where they have come from” and this can be done perfectly if printed on walls.

11. Sunny days over jungles in cartoon style are a popular choice for classrooms where young minds are educated.

12. Graffiti is always a fun one! Imagine your own logo or brand or message as through it has been spray painted on a wall in an awesome, eye-catching way.

JEDAR’s wall printers and mural design technology can help you unleash your imagination. What will you print next?