Mural Design Technology (JEDAR) is a Bahraini company that is determined to bring beautiful, luxurious and colorful walls to Middle East. We use the (Zeescape) wall printing technology to print high-resolution, high quality images for your home, office, school or factory.

We are not limited by material, size or color. It prints any image directly onto a surface; no messy paints, or stick-on decals and wallpapers.

Also, we are an authorized exclusive distributor for Middle East from Zeescape-Australia in GCC (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman), Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran & Egypt.

The wall printing technology are evolutionary and extra addition to the interior decoration and wall designing because of the quality and uniqueness of the concept. By using of this technology, you will enjoy a limitless benefits and qualities which we will provide to the end users such as the benefit of durability, washable, high quality, guaranteed satisfaction and the ability to create your own images. It is unique and it is yours!!



Use personal high-res photos or images and turn them into beautiful murals, or choose a favorite downloadable image from stock websites.

Using state-of-the-art wall printing technology, images can be reproduced onto any surface be it wood, glass, tile, or plaster, and indoors or outdoors.

Using our Print Your Own form, creating a custom mural has never been easier. We bring the printer straight to you at your convenient time!